Social Login: Don’t be a Creepster!

social_login_button_02Have you ever seen a prompt that says “Login through Facebook?” Or “Login through Twitter?” “LinkedIn?” No username to create or password to remember! It makes registration or signing up for an account easy, right? Over 90% of internet users have encountered social login and over half of us use it. Studies have also shown that those who use social login are more engaged and stronger brand advocates. They are likely to spend more time on and return to your website and more likely to read an article or make a purchase on a mobile site.

Why is this important to you as a Marketer? Internet users aren’t always truthful. In a recent study, 4 out of 5 users admit they gave faulty information when registering for an online account. That makes for messy data! Social login allows for the collection of accurate, rich customer profile data to help identify your customers and then go on to deliver very personalized content. In fact, users expect to have a better experience if entrance to your site or app is by way of social login.

What data can you expect to collect? Facebook offers 39 fields of information. LinkedIn has more than 200. You likely don’t need to see that much information from your site or app visitors and asking them for more than 4-5 specific pieces of data can lead to a decrease in conversions. A verified email address along with a first name and last name that is likely very accurate would be huge in trying to identify your customer. Other supporting items including birthdate, gender and even interests can be very useful in further identifying and marketing to your audience. See the chart below for a short sampling of what is available by social channel. You decide what you want to collect and can go back at any time and change your permissions set-up. Be sure to tell your users exactly what you’re accessing and give them a sense of what you’re going to do with the data.

profile-data_0You’ve now collected a lot of data! What do you do with it? The sky’s the limit! Wait, hold on! Remember, you are nurturing relationships with your customers. Indeed, this is an opportunity for hyper specific ad targeting, but be aware of privacy laws that may affect your industry. If you’re smart, you’ve given your users an idea of what you are going to do with the information you’ve asked for. Don’t lose their trust by pushing the limits. Use this additional data to supplement what’s already in your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to further refine your predictive capabilities. Perhaps segment your customers by their interests or level of influence and interact with them with targeted content, be it in an email, by way of an ad, a social post or personalized content on your site.  Ultimately, go for a tailored experience. Don’t be a creepster.

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