Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!It’s that time again! What will be my New Year’s resolution? For many years, I’ve thought about starting a blog about digital marketing and trends. Truth be told, I started a blog about raising chickens in 2010. I got distracted. Anyway… digital has been a part of my life for over 15 years now and I am as enthusiastic about it as I ever was…so why not write about it!

While fortunate to have worked in many industries including banking, retail, art, food, music and vitamins and supplements, among others, I have found myself in healthcare for the last several years.  Healthcare has come to the forefront of the digital scene due, in large part, to the requirements of the ACA.  The industry is scrambling to catch up… but we are getting there. And that is good news for us all.

What will this blog be? Who knows? I have a habit of researching ideas and not documenting them to refer to later. Maybe this will serve as a way to collect research and explore ideas? As someone who’s been a digital consultant over the years, I find myself answering questions a lot. Perhaps those answers will appear here? Will the posts be healthcare related? Hmmmm…probably a good percentage, yes. However, the line dividing healthcare marketing and retail marketing is not as crisp anymore. It’s all about how humans connect in this day and age. Oooh, just got a text…

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